VCN – To declare e-Customs through VNACCS/VCIS system, there are 3 options for the business community to choose e-Customs declaration software.

3 options for enterprises to choose e customs declaration software

Support department of the General Department of Customs maintain to receive obstacles and support and guide enterprises 27/4. Photo: T. Binh

Recently, Nam Ha Garment JSC (Nam Dinh province) has reflected that when the company wants to use the e-Customs declaration software, the Nam Dinh Customs Branch (the Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department) requested the company to buy the software as indicated.

Related to the above issue, according to the Customs IT and Statistics Department (the General Department of Customs), the businesses can choose to use the software under one of the following options for electronic customs declarations:

The first option is that business use the free software provided by the General Department of Customs. This software and instructions can be downloaded from the Vietnam Customs Portal ( (https://www.customs.gov.vn)

The second option is using the services of IT companies which were certified by the General Department of Customs on standard conformance. These companies are: FPT FPS information system Co., Ltd; Thai Son technological development Co., Ltd; G.O.L Information and Technology Trade and Service Co., Ltd; Softech JSC; TS24 JSC.

The third option is that business actively develop a connection software in accordance with the connection standards of the General Department of Customs posted on the Vietnam Customs Portal.

In addition, according to the Customs IT and Statistics Department, the business can contact the Support Division of the General Department of Customs under the E-mail: bophanhotrotchq@customs.gov.vn or telephone number: 043.7824757 for any questions.

Talking with a Customs reporter on 27 February, 2017, the leaders of Nam Dinh Customs Branch added that the problems of business were handled and the fact that the problems of business were related to the annual maintenance costs, not related to the e-Customs declaration software.

By Thai Binh/ Huyen Trang

Source: http://customsnews.vn/