VCN – In order to develop the Customs – Business relationship, improve the quality of legal advocacy and support, and facilitate import and export businesses, in 2017, the Binh Duong Customs Department has a lot of innovations in approaching and answering problems for businesses. 

hai quan binh duong doi moi trong cong tac ho tro doanh nghiep

The delegation of the My Phuoc Industrial Zone Customs Branch is consulting on import-export procedures for businesses. Photo: T.D.

From 2013 up to now, the Binh Duong Customs Department has cooperated with Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese Business Associations and Sub-associations. Through the conferences, the legal documents on import-export activities were propagated to businesses in a timely fashion and obstacles of businesses were removed promptly. However, according to Mr. Nguyen Truong Giang, Deputy Director of Binh Duong Customs Department, dialogue conferences attracted a large number of businesses (about 100-150 businesses), the exchange and interaction between businesses and Customs are limited. Accordingly, to further improve the quality of dialogue, on May 4, 2017, the Binh Duong Customs Department held a training conference for 12 leaders of Japanese investment businesses in Binh Duong and expected from now to the end of 2017, there will be about 6 training conferences for business leaders of each Business Association and Sub-association.

Highly appreciating the renovations in the dialogue of Binh Duong Customs, Mr. Kazuhito Yamamoto, Head of the Japanese Business Association in Binh Duong said that in the past, to understand Customs Law, Customs procedures, business leaders often have to ask their subordinates. But through these training conferences, the business leaders directly grasp the information about Customs law and policy as well as directly ask leaders of Binh Duong Customs Department to get satisfactory answers.

In addition, from the beginning of 2017, the Binh Duong Customs Department has actively contacted and realized difficulties and promptly solve problems arising relating to Customs procedures, tax policy, tax refund and tax exemption modes. In order to support business correctly and promptly report the tax finalization of export production goods and processing goods, the Binh Duong Customs Department held 4 training conferences to directly guide how to declare and make settlement report on the situation of using raw materials, supplies and machinery for representatives of enterprises. The unit also signed the coordination regulation with the Department of Planning and Investment, the management boards of industrial parks in the province to exchange and supply information of enterprises in the province as the basis for assessment of revenue sources and invitation for businesses to increase revenues, also promptly support enterprises in difficulty. The unit updated the list of FDI enterprises that have been granted new tax code in the province, and timely allocated to its branches to contact, propagate and diffuse Customs procedures in Binh Duong.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Manager of My Phuoc Industrial Zone Customs Branch (Binh Duong Customs Department), acknowledged that in order to help businesses understand clearly the Customs procedures to comply with the regulations, in the recent time, the Branch has regularly conducted consultations at the head office of the enterprises on the import –export Customs procedures for raw materials for new investment enterprises in Binh Duong. From the beginning of 2017 up to now, the Branch have consulted 15 enterprises. Typically, the Branch has recently consulted Polytex Far Eastern Vietnam Co., Ltd (Far Eastern Group – Taiwan) with investment capital of $ US1 billion. In May, 2017, the company began to import raw materials for export production.

This was a project approved by People’s Committee of Binh Duong province in 2015 to build a Polyester Manufacturing Plant including long filament yarns, cotton yarns, synthetic yarns and knitwear in the Bau Bang urban -industrial zone, Bau Bang district with area of 99 hectares. The investment capital for the project was $ US 1 billion and divided into many phases. The Plant in Binh Duong is the third largest plant in the world after the plants in China and Taiwan of the Far Eastern Group

During the consultation session, the My Phuc Industrial Zone Customs Branch exchanged and guided busineses on tax policies for imported raw materials for export production, how to determine export norms and resolve inventories and returned export procedures to help businesses understand the Customs procedures. Previously, the Branch handled the import procedures for fixed equipment and machinery of Polytex Far Eastern Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Tuu, Manager of the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park Customs Branch stated that besides the training on tax finalization reports, the Branch also receives and addresses problems for businesses every day. Any new information and policies of the Ministry of Finance and General Department of Customs will be updated promptly through more than 1000 e-mail addresses of businesses registered at the Branch.

By the practical implementation, the Binh Duong Customs has taken many beliefs of enterprises. Along with that, the import and export at the Binh Duong Customs Department has increased significantly, the number of enterprises implementing the import and export procedures in the Department increased over 12% over the same period last year with 4,098 enterprises, and the number of Customs declarations also increased 17.58%, and the turnover increased 16.28% (reaching over $ US 11 billion) and budget revenues increased nearly 31% over the same period of 2016.

By Huong Diu/ Huyen Trang