The global business environment is a complex one; success depends on the ability of company executives to make key decisions quickly. Subsequently, in order to meet their clients’ demands, those in logistics industry have had to become more flexible, innovative and customer focused; whilst at the same time providing competitive rates. No company understands this better than us, Vietrans Saigon.

         Since its inception in 1970, as the pioneer in Forwarding business in Vietnam, founder of VIFFAS (Vietnam Freight Forwarder Association), our team has had a passion and determination for providing customers with an unbeatable service. After more than 4 decades of operation, we now proudly present the network covering all main cities and ports of Vietnam, including but not limited to Ha Noi, Hai Phong (north Vietnam), Da Nang (middle), and Hochiminh City (also known as Saigon – south). Within the group, we facilitate many forwarding branches and subsidiaries, express service (Vietrans – TNT), warehouses (bonded and non-bonded), trucks, trailers, and our own project port (Lotus port). From those who do the planning, tracking and checking to those who carry out the physical execution of the shipment, each of the 400-member-family has an eye for detail and is an expert in their field. 

        And up to this very moment, our aim has not for one day changed, that is to satisfy our customers to the utmost. We believe our following key accounts should do better than any cliché:

kubota  Kingjim Vietnam amada_800

lotte     ford            toyota

tiger  heinekenpepsi

        You are the most important people to us and we are not satisfied unless you are. Together we are here to make the shipping of your goods a smooth and trouble-free operation. Always.