VCN- Implementing Circular 84/2017/TT-BTC guiding for Decree 68/2016/ND-CP on conditions for duty-free business, warehouses and sites for Customs clearance, Customs inspection, and supervision, which will take effect from September 30, 2017, warehouse and site operators need to fully prepare working conditions for Customs authorities.         

enterprises need to equip working conditions of customs at warehouses and sites
Import-export operation at My Dinh ICD. Photo: N.L

When Circular 84/2017/TT-BTC has not yet taken effect, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has requested municipal and provincial Customs departments to remind and urge warehouse and site operators to actively update and equip the system and infrastructure in accordance with provisions of Circular 84/2017/TT-BTC in a timely fashion.

The enterprises need to equip working areas of the Customs, the eligible areas for goods undergo Customs inspection and supervision at warehouses, and the warehouses for storing of exhibits, the management software connected to the Customs managing warehouse and the centralized data processing system of the Customs authority and the Image storage and data access system under requirement of the Customs authority.

According to Circular 84/2017/TT-BTC, working areas of the Customs at warehouses and sites which are established by warehouse and site operators must satisfy the following conditions: The area is located in the warehouse, whether it is recognized or not, or located within an area of land under the enterprise’s right to facilitate Customs supervision and inspection.

The area is at least 20 m2 and separated from surrounding areas and ensured for Customs inspection and supervision.

The minimum area of the Customs office at a location where goods are gathered for inspection or supervision at an international airport, seaport or border checkpoint is 50 m2.

Equipment includes computers which have management software connected to the management system of warehouse and site operators and the electronic data processing system of the Customs authority in accordance with regulations of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Equipment is connected to the surveillance camera system of the warehouse and site operator to monitor, store, access and display image at all areas where exports and imports are stored and all gates of the warehouse and site.

A roofed area in the warehouse must be provided to enable the Customs to implement a physical inspection and seal the goods.

If the warehouse area is at least 3 hectares, at least 2,000 m2 must be provided for the container scanner to ensure radiation safety. Before the container scanner delivered, such area may be used for other activities of the warehouse.

Regarding warehouses for storing of exhibits, the Circular stipulates that the minimum areas is 30m2 and has to be separated from other warehouses. The minimum area of the storage of postal packages and exhibits is 10 m2.

By Ngoc Linh/ Ngoc Loan